Wichita teacher raises enough money to buy books for every student in school

WICHITA, Kan. This week brought a celebration to Wichita's Enterprise Elementary School, fifth grade teacher Kristen Yacenda says, the students deserve.

A few weeks ago, Yacenda raised $4,500 with the help of the community to sponsor books for the entire school, putting a new book in every student's hands.

Moving forward, students can keep reading outside of school by getting one new book per month for the rest of the school year.

"These are the moments that I live for as a teacher," Yacenda says. "I feel like I have a purpose that I'm making a difference."

Taking a book home doesn't just help students with reading at school. One of Yacenda's students says he enjoys have the opportunity to read to his family.

"I read books to my baby brother and it's a lot of fun," Enterpise fifth grader Leonardo Rivera says.

Rivera says Yacenda is a hard worker and he knows all of the students at Enterprise are thankful for the effort she started to get books for all of them.

"I feel grateful to Ms. Yacenda because Ms. Yacenda is the best teacher," Rivera says.