Wichita woman says racist letter complains about her black grandchildren

Published: Aug. 23, 2016 at 10:42 PM CDT
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A racist letter shakes up one Wichita family. Nancy Wirths of Wichita said she received a handwritten letter in the mail Monday from someone complaining about black children in the neighborhood.

Wirths runs a daycare at her home in the 2100 block of west Manhattan Drive, but she mainly watches her nine grandchildren. Six of her grandchildren are black. When she received the letter from someone who claimed to live in her same neighborhood, she was shocked.

The letter begins by noting several black children at Wirth's residence and writes they don't know if they are her children or if she runs a daycare. They go on to write "In either case, we have put our house for sale. This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it."

Wirths said at first she thought it was a cruel joke.

"I thought it was a joke, I thought I was somewhere else reading a story," Wirths said. "I guess I never thought this was real, the hatred for people in the world. I mean, because I try to teach my grandkids to love everyone no matter their color and this kind of throws a total wrench in that."

Wirths, nor many of her neighbors, have any idea where the letter came from or why someone might have written it.

"I can't even fathom what I could have done to make somebody this mad," Wirths said.

Nancy went to the return address listed on the letter and found that home doesn't exist. She said she just wishes she could talk to the person who sent the letter face-to-face.

"I would welcome you. Meet my grandkids. See how great they are," she said.

But even if she can't find who wrote it, she said she knows her family still has plenty of support.

"We love the neighborhood and the people who have supported us behind this, there's no need for us to move," Nancy said. "But if the people who wrote the letter need help packing, I'm sure we have quite a few people that would love to assist in the packing."

There are several other bi-racial families who live in Nancy's neighborhood and they tell Eyewitness News they're surprised Nancy is the only one who received the letter.

Nancy did file a police report about the issue. Eyewitness News got a copy of that paperwork tonight but there are few details about the letter or if any action can be taken.