Wichita woman who was robbed and beaten receives a Helping Hand

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WICHITA, Kan. In October a Wichita woman was beaten, tied up and had more than $1,000 stolen from her.

She came home from work to find two men inside her home, waiting for her.

When we heard her story Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers decided to lend her a Helping Hand.

When you're beaten and fear for your life, that experience stays with you awhile, long after the bruises heal.

Ruth Presley's emotions were still raw when we recently met with her days after the crime.

"I'm getting stronger. I thank the Lord Jesus a lot for giving me the strength everyday. Knowing that I'm alive and praying for these people to get caught," said Presley.

She no longer lives at the home on South Waco where the crime happened. Knowing what happened there, it would be hard for anyone to go back there and not be scared.

She's now trying to earn back the money she lost, because in addition to the money she was saving for her grandson's college tuition, the thieves also stole money from her parent's restaurant.

That's why Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers decided to lend her a Helping Hand and give her $1,200.

"Thank you so much," Presley said, with the words coming out between her tears.

The weight of having the money replaced was simply too much for Presley.

"We didn't want much, but just to go to school and college. That's all I wanted to help them. Thank you. I mean it from my heart," said Presley.

Her grandson was by her side when she met Dustin DeVaughn and Richard James.

"Ruth, thanks for all the great work you're doing," said James.

"Thank you so much. I don't know if I have any more tears or not," Presley said with a laugh. "But you make a joy in my heart and I appreciate it very much."

Wichita police officers are still looking for the men who robbed and beat Presley.