Some say Wichitan's Halloween display goes too far

WICHITA, Kan. A Wichita woman says her Halloween decorations aren't there to make a political statement, but many are perceiving them that way and some in the neighborhood think the decorations go too far.

The owner says the display is simply meant to mock the NFL and to demonstrate why people should not kneel for the anthem.

A dummy sporting a Tom Brady jersey kneeling at an American flag is part of the display outside the Wichita home. The owner didn't want to go on camera but says the decorations are solely intended to make fun of the NFL. The display also includes a woman lying over a casket with a flag covering it. The owner says this part of the display is to illustrate why she believes players shouldn't kneel during the anthem.

But there are other decorations also causing concern.

"Why would you put a body on a flag and a noose in the tree," one neighbor asks.

The display's owner says the rope is just a prop and is not secure. She says she hung the rope last year with a dummy and no one approached her about it.

One neighbor who spoke with Eyewitness News says the rope is just a prop and that people are too easily offended.