Wichitans react to President Trump's comment about Haiti, African countries

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WICHITA, (Kan.) The reported comments made by the President have sparked conversation among people in our own community.

We've heard on our Facebook page from people on both sides, many who say they find no issue with the President's statement and others who disagree.

"Very very sad, I was so shocked, I'm still shocked, I can't believe he said that," says Weedor Mcdoweel, originally fromlLiberia whose lived in the U.S for nearly seven years.

It's a feeling shared by these three women, each from different African nations, Liberia, Nigeria and Gambia that now call Wichita home, after reports President Donald Trump used a vulgar term to describe Haiti and other African countries.

"We feel discouraged, we feel like we are not wanted in America," says Mcdoweel.

Kehrnde Isa who has a masters degree and is of Nigerian origin says those who agree with President Trump's remarks are mistaken.

"If he thinks African peoples are dummy people, it's a lie, because with Africans they go through education, they study so hard, the parents pay so much to bring them to like Wichita State University and that money contributes to the system," Isa said.

Amie Mdoob, a Wichita business owner, says she and many other African immigrants in the city have worked hard to be productive and contribute to their country.

"American dream? It's true, but American dream is on your hands, you have to work, you're not going to sleep, the dream wakes you up, you have to work for it," says Mdoob.

The three women say they hope others, but most importantly the leader of their nation will someday realize they have a lot more to give.

"As immigrants, we built America," says Mcdoweel.