Wichitans can ride bus for free every Saturday

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 12:47 PM CDT
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In an effort to help Wichitans during the COVID-19 crisis, the city is offering free bus rides every Saturday for the next few months.

On Thursday, Mayor Brandon Whipple said the bus rides are for people who can't afford bus fare or gas to get to the supermarket, food pantries or other services.

"The purpose of this is to not only give people who might need access to transportation a break on Saturdays, but particular for people who may be short on cash and may need to go places," said Whipple.

The mayor along with Council member Brandon Johnson reached out to the city manager and transit director to make the free rides possible. It's for fixed routes only.

Whipple says there is increased disinfection being done on the buses to ensure riders feel comfortable and safe. He anticipates the rides to continue through June as well as the increased efforts in sanitation.