Wichita's downtown revitalization

Published: Jun. 21, 2016 at 6:12 AM CDT
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Buildings are undergoing massive renovations and new businesses are setting up shop in downtown Wichita.

The city is seeing a lot of growth right now, and we're about to see more.

Wichita's Downtown Economic Development says they have been working to revitalize downtown for several years and it's finally to a point where they say it's prepared for even bigger growth.

From renovations on Saint Francis street that have spurred business growth, to helping incorporate new businesses into Union Station, downtown is different than it was even just 5 years ago.

Now, the area is more representative of a mixed use neighborhood with it being a third residential, a third commercial and a third retail and restaurant.

That mix has had an impact on the continued success in Old Town.

Jason Gregory, Executive Vice President of Wichita Downtown Development Corporation says the Old Town Area will soon change even more. That's because of the additional of residential units that will make downtown a destination and place for people to call home.

"A lot of those changes can be credited to the residential changes that we've seen," Gregory said. "We've built over 450 new residential units since 2011, we've got over 800 that are under construction, some soon to be opening just this year."

Gregory also says they are working to expand downtown by making investments into Mosely Street while also continuing to expand South starting with Union Station.

The former Doc Howards space will also soon become an event venue and distillery.