Winds of chilly change blow back into Kansas

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Meteorologist Mark Larson says enjoy the last of the mild weather today because winter's chill returns to Kansas tomorrow then sticks around thru week's end.

A cold front will slowly march across our state Monday and push southeast of the Kansas Turnpike by sunset. Temps will soar into the 50s to near once again across the southeast while northwest Kansas cools into the upper 40s.

Colder air will really start to sink into Kansas from the north Monday night with flurries possible across the southwest.

Look for some afternoon sun northeast with gray skies south and west Tuesday but colder temps for all with highs in the 30s and 40s statewide.

Late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, an area of light snow push into parts of western Kansas where a dusting to up to an inch or two will be possible.

Afternoon highs will stay in the 30s and 40s Wednesday and Thursday then warm back up into the 50s again this weekend along with a good bet to get wet, rain likely, by Sunday.

Wichita Area Forecast:

Today: Morning fog then becoming partly cloudy. Wind: E/NW 10-20; gusty late. High: 59.

Tonight: Partly to mostly cloudy. Wind: NW/N 10-15. Low: 32.

Tomorrow: Mostly to partly cloudy, breezy, MUCH colder. Wind: N 10-20; gusty. High: 46.

Tomorrow night: Partly to mostly cloudy. Wind: N/NE 5-10. Low: 24.

Wed: High: 41 Mostly cloudy; o-night flurries possible.
Thu: High: 38 Low: 22 Mostly to partly cloudy.
Fri: High: 47 Low: 23 Partly cloudy; breezy.
Sat: High: 50 Low: 31 Partly cloudy.
Sun: High: 55 Low: 37 Cloudy, windy; rain likely.
Mon: High: 51 Low: 36 Mostly cloudy.