Storm Team 12 releases winter weather outlook through 2020

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After several months of watching weather patterns and studying the data, we are finally ready to release our winter forecast. A couple of things we've been seeing over the last 6-8 weeks that ARE a factor:

*drought expanding in western Kansas
*several rounds of heavy rain that have passed south and east of Kansas
*at least TWO major cold snaps since the beginning of October

Those factors have us leaning toward a COLD winter and one without a bunch of snow. Last year, several areas in western Kansas had upwards of 25-30 inches of snow. Wichita had just 10.1 inches. It would appear unlikely for us to see that much snow again this winter.

So for most of Kansas this winter, expect DRIER than normal weather (drought remaining steady or slightly expanding) and several COLD stretches to come. January and February will likely have several blasts of cold air from the north. So it wouldn't be a surprise to see below normal temperatures through early March.