Wichita resident receives $900 water bill

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) It didn't take long for Susie Bojorquez to realize something wasn't right with last month's water bill.

"My reaction was I almost passed out. I got in shock when I saw the bill was $921 compared to a $40," said Bojorquez.

The bill claimed Bojorquez had used 93-thousand-gallons of water.

Repeated calls and visits to the Wichita's Public Works department gave her the same answer, a leak had likely caused the sudden spike, but, Bojorquez wasn't convinced that was the case.

"If it was my problem I would have solved it but I don't see any leaks," said Bojorquez.

Susie says a visit earlier this month from a water department employee claimed there were no leaks found, but also that the meter was functioning correctly.

Susie reached out to Eyewitness News with the hopes we could find some answers.

A city employee directed us to give Bojorquez the number of a public works employee who could help her look into the problem.

In a matter of minutes Bojorquez finally got the answers and reassurance she'd been looking for the last few weeks.

"The next step is she's going to call me Monday or Tuesday and put a new meter reader, I feel relief for my bill, I feel happy and I'm glad that the water department did something."

Bojorquez still does not know what caused her bill to spike so high, but she hopes to have an answer to that specific question next week.