Woman pushes KDOT to mark 'dangerous' stretch on Highway 99

Chautauqa, Kan. (KWCH) Kim Lorg is asking KDOT to put warning signs near the crash site where her brother died in April, but it said it can’t.

On April 28th, 57-year-old Terry Leiker crashed and died on Highway 99 in Chautauqua County.

Just a few days before, 18-year-old Kristen Turner died in the exact same spot.

“I just want it fixed and I want it fixed right and if they have to wait till March. I understand that, that’s fine but I just want to let people know it’s a dangerous highway,” Lorg said.

KDOT will take bids this fall with plans for construction to start in the spring to add a shoulder to the road.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office says there have been dozens of accidents in the same area for years.

The narrow road has a 18-inch drop off.

Lorg said no one can afford to wait months to take action.

“By saying they’re going to fix it, they already know it’s a dangerous highway,” Lorg said. “They already know it’s dangerous, why aren’t you putting a ‘dangerous shoulder.”

KDOT said it has looked at the signage in the area, and it’s in line with their policy by state law.

For Lorg, a sign warning drivers of the drop off could have saved her brother’s life, and others.

“It’s very frustrating because if something else happens and someone else gets injured or dies it’s just hard to accept.”

Lorg has been in contact with the Chautauqua Sheriff's Office to see what else can be done. She also plans on asking homeowners in the area of the dangerous stretch to use their private property to put a warning sign.

”It’s bad enough the way it is, it's bad enough that everything’s happened, why put another family through it," Lorg said.