Woman says suspect in Baby Sophia case kidnapped her, her family

Published: Nov. 21, 2016 at 4:10 PM CST
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Eyewitness News dug into the background of Yesenia Sesmas and learned she already had a warrant out for her arrest. Sesmas is suspected of killing a Wichita woman Thursday and kidnapping her infant.

Eyewitness News spoke with a woman, who says, in July, Sesmas held her and her two children hostage and then demanded thousands of dollars.

The woman, Adriana Portillo says she was friends with Sesmas. She says Sesmas seemed fascinated by her pregnancy.In July, she says Sesmas invited her to her home and immediately took her and her children to the basement.

Portillo says Sesmas brought a knife, a baseball bat and duct tape to the basement and told her to tape her children's hands. Portillo says Sesmas was going to hold her children for ransom, making her husband pay $10,000 to get the children back.

"I was battling her, fighting with her because she wanted to get one of the girls," Portillo says.

She says a fight continued outside while her children were able to get into the family's vehicle. This is when police came, she says.

Portillo wonders why Sesmas was released and was never charged for what happened in July.