Yard work for beginners: Vegetables

WICHITA, Kan. In the second week of April, it's probably too early to plant some of your favorite vegetables, but there's plenty you can get going immediately.

Lettuce cauliflower and broccoli are among vegetables you can successfully plant right now. You can also get a start on strawberries asparagus, onions and potatoes, all which like the cool weather, says Eric Denneler with Tree Top Nursery.

Two popular options you'll wan to wait on planting include tomatoes and peppers. Tree Top Nursery says to wait until the end of April to plant those, decreasing the chance we'll encounter an unseasonable freeze.

Before you plant, there are a few basics to cover, especially helpful for beginners. The first tip to remember is that just like any plant, you'll need to pick a spot that gets plenty of sunshine to plant your vegetables. Vegetables need at least six hours per day of direct sunlight.

You also need to make sure you plant your vegetables in quality soil which you can condition with compost or potting mix you can buy from a store. Also, when scoping out the best place to plant your vegetables, make sure you don't put your garden in an area that floods during heavy rains.

For beginners, you'll want to start small and don't try to plant too much all at once. Experts say a good garden size for beginners is about 16 by 10 feet. Finally, don't forget that after you plant vegetables, just like any other plant, you'll need to water them regularly.