Youth Horizons expanding effort to help more children, teens in need

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A youth mentoring organization is growing to help more children and teens in need. Youth Horizons is expanding its residential program. The organization currently serves boys, but there are are plans in the works to add homes for girls.

The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch sits on 80 acres northeast of Valley Center. It's home to dozens of local boys with personal or family challengers.

"It's a great facility and a great area to train and work and educate and teach our young boys," Youth Horizons President Robert Garner says.

Garner says he sees the difference the facility makes in the boys' lives and this is one reason the organization is planning a home for girls.

"Girls have the same challenges that our boys face. We realize there is a need for that. We have broken boys. We have broken girls, too," Garner says. "So they need love and attention and they need an adult to stand as their advocate when sometimes the parents do not."

The girls residential program is in the planning stages, as someone recently donated land for the facility. Youth Horizons now is working to make sure the girls' home fits the need.

Garner says there's a lot of work involved, but it's all about helping children and teens.