YouTube host claims interview with 'swatting' suspect

Hours before Los Angeles police arrested Tyler Barriss in connection with the "swatting" call that turned deadly in Wichita, a YouTube host posted an interview with a man who says he's responsible for the prank call about a possible hostage threat.

That man, identified by his Twitter handle as "SWAuTistic," went on to explain how he ended up placing a call Thursday night to Wichita police.

"SWAuTistic" told the host, if put in the same situation again, he would not make the call again. He says he also isn't the only one responsible for Andrew Finch's death.

Full interview below (Warning: Interview contains graphic language)

interview with suspected "swatter"

Saturday evening, the YouTube host played the 911 call from the Thursday night "swatting" incident and interviewed a man who provided an inside look on how an argument with an online "Call of Duty" game led to the "swatting" call.

The man says one player in the game, identified as "M1ruchle," provided a false address to the player he was arguing with, identified as "baperizer." The man told the host the player identified as "M1ruchle" claimed to have provided "baperizer" with his old home address.

It was that Wichita address (near McCormick and Seneca) where the man with the "SWAuTistic" Twitter handle claimed to have made the "swatting" call Thursday night.

The man fatally shot by police, Andrew Finch, was not involved with the game and there was not even a computer in the home on West McCormick, his family says.

Prior to Saturday's interview gaining insight into how an online game led to the "swatting" call at the home of people who aren't even involved with online gaming, the YouTube host played the 911 call from Thursday night and identifies "SWAuTistic" as Barriss.

You can see Saturday's interview below: (Warning: Interview contains graphic language)

interview with man involved in online game that led to "swatter" call