Arkansas family buys hundreds of shoes at local Payless, plans to donate for back to school

Carrie Jernigan and family buy all of the shoes at local Payless in Arkansas.

(CNN) An Arkansas woman says she went to Payless to buy a few pair of shoes but left with hundreds.

Carrie Jernigan says she and her children were back to school shopping when her daughter asked if she could buy a pair of shoes for a classmate. Jernigan said yes.

As the family was checking out, Jernigan asked the clerk how much it would cost to buy all the shoes in the store. The clerk took her phone number. When she called, what Jernigan thought would be 200 to 300 pairs of shoes turned into 1500 because the store just received a new shipment.

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Jernigan says she and her family showed up to the store and bought all of the shoes. She credits her daughter's big heart for helping inspire her own big idea.

"It just reiterates to me that their hearts are in the right place.. and if its in the right place, they can do amazing things," said Carrie Jernigan.

With school starting in a few weeks, Jernigan says her family plans hold a back-to-school bash to give away every pair to children and adults in need.