New license plates raise question

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 2:25 PM CST
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A viewer had a question for Factfinder investigators about the new personalized license plates being offered by the state.

In mid-January, news organizations across the state, including KWCH, received a press release revealing the new design for personalized plates in the state and we reported it. On it, wind turbines set against a orange colored sunset-like background. That caused some confusion for one of our viewers, who wrote us saying:

"The new personalized design is not the one posted just a few days ago on the department's website, and I'm curious as to why the design was rather suddenly changed...I have been unable to get an answer from the Kansas Department of Revenue, but perhaps one of your reporters can.

Along with his email, the viewer included an image of the original new plate he'd saved from the department of revenue website. That plate depicts a windmill set against a sky blue background. A quick check verified the fact that the original design could not be found on the state Website. So, what happened?

Factfinder 12 reached out to the department of revenue and found out the original design had been the chosen design, which a representative with the department tells us, "was discussed with county treasurers across the state and was posted on the website. However, upon further consideration, the design was changed to better reflect the position the state holds in being number one in the nation in wind energy production."

The representative also says the state's position on wind energy can also be noted by the words, "powering the future" written on the bottom of the new plates.