Injured students recovering after Wichita school bus crash

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 10:21 PM CST
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Friday, February 14, 2020

Luis Garduño has twin boys, Alex and Eduardo. Both are recovering after being hurt in a school bus crash Wednesday morning.

The bus was on its way to Topeka for a field trip, full of Wichita Park Elementary students when it slid off the road and rolled into a ditch.

Garduño said his son Alex hurt his collar bone. Eduardo was seriously hurt and had to be taken to Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital to undergo eye surgery.

Garduño said Eduardo is not taking it well.

"When he looked at it in the mirror he got really sad," said Garduño. "He's really struggling because he feels sad. He thinks it's going to stay like that. I try to comfort him and tell him it's going to be okay."

Garduño said he is not mad at anyone, but he does have one concern.

"Why don't the school buses have seat belts? Police always demand seat belts in every car," said the boy's father. " Why don't school buses have seat belts?"

Garduño said he hopes this serves as a wakeup call for schools across Kansas, to install seat belts in school buses. He also said if kids are going on a field trip, and the weather is bad, the school should cancel the field trip and not put the kids at risk.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Some Wichita Park Elementary School students are recovering after getting hurt on a school bus crash Wednesday morning

A father says his twin boys were both hurt. One of them suffered serious injuries and had to undergo eye surgery at Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital. The other boy hurt his collar bone.

Another parent, Martha Adame says her daughter Nadia was also on the bus.

"She was scared. She said that when they were in there, they just pretty much didn't know what was going on that second. They obviously recall that it did flip, and it freaked them out," Adame said. "They said they couldn't get out, so they had to break the window from the bus to be able to get them all out."

Adame says her daughter fractured her shoulder and spent the day at the doctor's office.

The parents say the school has reached out to them and said they will be paying for all the medical expenses.

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