Band's back together for Aftershocks reunion

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- The guys responsible for many of the trophies lining the halls of Koch Arena are back together at their previous home this summer. Different eras of Shocker Basketball are represented on the newest TBT team "The Aftershocks" but one era stands out.

The 2018 graduating class has four members represented: Conner Frankamp, Shaq Morris, Zach Brown, and Rashard Kelly. All but Morris attended the initial practice, as he was absent for bereavement. They all felt butterflies when they stepped onto Devlin Court.

"You know, it's a nostalgic feeling for sure. I'm excited to be here, I know all of these guys are too," Brown said.

Frankamp reminisced about his hometown team.

"We had some good memories the last few years here at Wichita State," he said. "Hopefully we can make some more by getting out of the region."

The memories, he mentioned, were endless. The last time they were on this court playing meaningful basketball was senior night, televised nationally on CBS. They'll need to harness that energy--and chemistry--to perform well in their region.

"We had some good chemistry when we were all here, but it will be a bit of a different atmosphere," Frankamp said. "We all know what we can do and I'm sure we will match up pretty well."

Luckily for this group, they're all coming back to Wichita in shape, after playing overseas this past year.

"It's still there, we still communicate with each other as much as possible," Brown said. "I have full confidence in these guys to do whatever it was they said they worked on and what they could do before. Now they're doing it at a much higher level."

Rashard Kelly is confident the "18ers" will slip right back into their former routines.

"I know who they are and we've been together every day for four years straight," he said. "Those types of memories just don't go away."

The team bonding is just a bonus for these guys, because as Kelly says, they have their focus set on the real prize at the end.

"Two million dollars in the summer time? I mean, it would pay for all of the money I spent this summer."