Blake Bell returns to Wichita for first time since signing with Chiefs

WICHITA, Kan. Blake bell tells me becoming a Chief is a dream come true. but it's also a special moment for his uncle, Mike Bell who also played for the Chiefs. He says he's looking forward to watching his nephew wear the colors he wore during his time at Arrowhead Stadium.

It's a moment Blake Bell will remember for the rest of his life, becoming a Kansas City Chief and celebrating with family and friends in his homecoming is a dream a come true.

"It’s took me a couple of days for it to really settle in but once it did it kind of brings me back to the memories of going on the field with my uncle mike taking us up there and meeting guys like Tony Gonzalez," said Blake.

Blake has been of fan of the Chiefs since he was a young boy, and now his family, also chiefs fans can't wait to head to Arrowhead Stadium.
Blake says he's excited his family will be tailgating this next season.

"Just driving down the road to have everyone come see me play you know i keep telling people i’m going to get is many tickets for them as i can," says Blake.

For his uncle, Mike Bell, a former Chief it's a special moment to watch his nephew in a jersey that's very familiar. He says once your a Chief you're always a Chief and he's just excited to welcome him to the family.

Mike says it's a proud moment for him and his twin brother Mark who also played in the NFL.

"We are all going to shed some tears you know just because i know what it means to me to come out of that tunnel and i’m kind of getting emotional talking about it right now so we are looking forward to it," said Mike.

You can catch Blake in his first preseason game at Arrowhead this August.