Cheney athlete pushes through illness to break 3A single-game scoring record

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) If there ever is a time to fight, state basketball is the time to do it. Teams came from across Kansas this weekend to compete for the title of state champions. For some, it was about fighting for the win. Others had to fight illness along the way.

Kylee Scheer had flu-like symptoms the week of sub-state. She never had a fever, but her mom says she was coughing and sneezing so they took her to the doctor.

"She was put on antibiotics and Tamiflu early in the week," said Payton Scheer.

Then, a day before the Cheney Cardinals were set to play in the state tournament, Kylee said something in her body didn't feel right.

"I got this pain in my stomach and I've had stomach pain before but this one just didn't feel right, it was worse than any one before," Kylee said.

Payton said they rushed Kylee to the emergency room fearing it might be her appendix. She was diagnosed with acute enteritis or inflammation of the small intestine.

Despite her struggle off the court, Kylee was able to lead the Cardinals to a first round win and set a tournament record with 38 points while doing it.

Her dad and coach, Rod Scheer says he hasn't seen anything like it in his years of coaching.

"I don't know if I've been around a more competitive kid. I don't know where she gets it-- from her mom, from her dad, her brother, her sister? I don't know but it is pretty special."

Cheney went on to finish second in the 3A State Championship. The previous record was 37 points for an athlete in a single game.

An earlier version of this story indicated that Kylee Scheer had the flu while competing in the state basketball tournament. Her family says she was never diagnosed with influenza and only had flu-like symptoms, which they described as coughing and sneezing during sub-state. She was given antibiotics and Tamiflu. Her mom says she never had a fever during the sub-state or state tournaments.

The family released the following statement:

She had flu like symptoms the week of sub-state. She was on medications for it. She was never diagnosed with having any type of the flu. The week of state she had a stomach infection going on, she was on medication the entire time therefore not contagious to anyone. She is a kid who loves the game of basketball and wanted to compete in her first state tournament.