Coach's son plays increasingly important role in Shocker success

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Sixteen players and two Coach Marshalls.

Kellen Marshall grew up in the middle of college basketball. Now, he is a senior manager and a key part of the Wichita State basketball program.

"Kellen has been a coach for us and not only a coach but an amazing friend," Markis McDuffie said. "He's woke me up in the mornings to work me out even when I didn't want to but he always pushes me to that limit."

Kellen walked across the court with his family on senior night but he says he's not done with Koch Arena just yet.

"That's really special to me you know being able to coach with my dad so I think staying around here would be definitely option number one, Kellen said.

But Coach Marshall says he wouldn't stop him from leaving.

"He has ownership here and he’s already established that and maybe he can do it somewhere else now, Coach Marshall said.

Kellen says his ultimate goal would be to win a national championship as a head coach and his dad be there.

"I will be the old retired coach sitting on his bench and trying to help him as he’s done for these four years with our program," Kellen said.