FC Wichita's Sosa leads Friends' football and soccer teams

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- Most people in Wichita would associate the name "Leo Sosa" with FC Wichita, but that's about to change.

The club soccer captain is now the face of not one, but two different Friends University sports teams.

As a Brazilian native, Sosa was not overly exposed to American football in his childhood, but his host family in Concordia, Kansas changed that.

"I remember they gave me a ball as a gift and they took me out to the high school football field," he said. "My very first time was at 45 yards and I made it through. So they said, 'Hey Leo, why don't you try a little further?' And it was 65 yards."

Last season was his first-ever kicking a football. He was the top scorer for the Friends Falcons and earned all-KCAC Conference honors. Now, Sosa is considering transferring to a division one program after graduation if he still has remaining eligibility.

"He's going to have the opportunity to get looked at. He has a strong enough leg that people are going to be curious," said football head coach Dion Meneley.

Sosa is graduating college after four years, but only kicked at the collegiate level for two. He is still ironing out the remainder of his NCAA eligibility, but said it would be a dream-come-true to kick in front of a packed DI stadium.

"If that's able for me, I'd love to. I would love to see 60-65 thousand people in the stands watching me be able to kick in front of them."

That's a man dreaming about his second love. Imagine how he feels about his first love, soccer or futbol. Sosa didn't play for Friends soccer in 2017, but will play for both teams this fall.

"I feel like this is going to be a crazy schedule, but I also feel like I'm ready," he said.

His football coach said he made an agreement with the head soccer coach to split Sosa's time. If any conflict arises, he will play for the soccer team. But Meneley anticipates Sosa playing two-a-days multiple times this season.

"It's going to be crazy. It's going to be a challenge for him managing his time. I've told him, he loves both games, he came here as a soccer player and that's what he's going to honor first and foremost."

His soccer skills earned him notoriety in Wichita, but his kindness and generosity earned him the respect among the community.

"I just hope I can keep making them happy," Sosa said. "I just want to give to them what they gave to me."

And he'll never stop trying to be the best all-around athlete in the city. That includes joining the Friends Track and Field team this past spring as a member of the long jump crew.

"I feel like I'm a dream chaser. I don't settle for little things, and I think that's the big part of me competing in kicking and football, it's starting something from scratch. It's just chasing my dreams. I know they're there."