Finney shines, starts in 'homecoming'

We all know B.J. Finney's story - and it just grew a little more on Sunday. The Andale native earned his first start of the season at left guard.

Finney said he had near 90 family and friends in the stands. He made it clear, he did not buy all the tickets, though. Despite that, he maintains that he didn't let this 'homecoming' distract him.

"I didn't let it go through my mind," said the left guard. "My mindset doesn't change. My preparation doesn't change. I've got to be ready to answer the call when they need me. It just happened they needed me to start this week."

Finney received no FBS scholarship offers before walking on at Kansas State and being named captain - twice.

The Steelers, Finney's favorite team as a child, handed the Chiefs their first loss of the season Sunday, 19-13.