Former Shockers find success in pro bowling, encourage next generation

WICHITA, Kan. When it comes to bowling all Dasha Kovalova aims for are strikes.

The 24-year-old PWBA bowler from Urkaine and former Wichita State University Shocker just finished her 2019 pro bowling tour with an impressive resume. She finished third in the PWBA Player Of The Year race, made fpir championship round appearances, including her first career PWBA title win at Northrock Lanes in Wichita.

"I am not used to attention, i'm more of the person in the shadows, just wanna bowl," said Kovalova.

Kovalova says she's learned a lot from last season and wants to keep improving. She isn't the only Shocker to have a phenomenal year.

Francois Lavoie is also making history as the youngest player in the PBA to win a US Open twice in four years. He and Kavalova say they built their foundation of success at Wichita State, a program that has churned out several pro bowlers and captured multiple national titles.

"To see that really reinforces that Wichita State is really the place to be if you really want to achieve anything," said Lavoie.

Kovalova says she think it's great that both she and Lavoie come from different countries and can represent Wichita State so well on the professional field.

Both bowlers are in their fourth year as pros and look forward to continuing the bowling legacy at Wichita State.