From the barber chair to the NBA finals

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- The barbershop has traditionally been known as place to learn the inner most thoughts of one's clients, and a place to pick up on the best sports gossip in the world.

As the barber to the Shocker stars, Keyo Sanchez picks up on both of these.

"You hear everybody's stories through their own perspective," he said. "I was there from Fred [VanVleet]'s freshman year to when he was about to have the draft party."

Years later, his most popular client is all Wichitans can talk about.

"Everybody in the city is like 'you see your boy out there last night? Fred is looking good! Fred got 15 points, Fred got 20-something points, Fred is doing good out there!'"

Good is an understatement. VanVleet stole the show in the NBA Finals Game One Thursday night, scoring 15 points in 33 minutes, while shutting down Steph Curry. Sunday night, he continued on his success, pouring in 17 in 38. Seeing his close friend succeed is surreal, he says.

"it's just crazy to me," Keyo said. "I just know where they came from and they just came from the bottom and worked their way up. As soon as the anthem came on and I seen him standing there, I got the chills."

Keyo said VanVleet left Wichita State in much better shape than he found it, and he has an idea for how the school and city could repay him.

"I was thinking open up Koch Arena and put [the games] on the big screen, InTrust Bank Arena and put it on the big screen," he said. "Fred out there playing, open up the concession stands. Get everyone in Wichita together!"