KU appeals NCAA's two-season penalty decision on De Sousa

(University of Kansas)

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KWCH/AP) The University of Kansas said it has filed a formal appeal in the NCAA's decision to declare Silvio De Sousa ineligible to play for the rest of this season and all of next.

The university released the following statement on Thursday:

"The University of Kansas today submitted its formal appeal on behalf of men's basketball student-athlete Silvio De Sousa, challenging the two-season penalty De Sousa received from the NCAA for alleged violations that he was unaware of and from which he did not benefit."

De Sousa's name surfaced last summer as part of the FBI's investigation into college basketball corruption. His guardian, Fenny Falmagne, is accused of receiving a $2,500 payment from a "university booster of agent" and agreeing to an additional $20,000 payment for directing De Sousa to Kansas.

The university said it would have no further comment on the appeal until the process is complete.