Les Miles addresses Pooka WIlliams at Big 12 Media Day

ARLINGTON, Tex. (KWCH) -- Les Miles began his 1st Big 12 Media Day as Head coach of Kansas, addressing the elephant in the room.

“I know that there's an issue that we must discuss so let me get to it if you will,” Miles said as he opened the podium portion of his day full of interviews.

Miles, of course, was talking about the reinstatement of running back Pookah Williams. Williams had been suspended from the team as a result of a domestic battery charge in December. Williams has been suspended for the Jayhawks' first game Aug. 31 against Indiana State.

"First of all there is no proper way to put it, there is no violence, violence will not be accepted with women period,” Miles began. “Action was taken immediately we felt like a strong point was made not only with Pooka, but with the team.”

Miles said that he did not make the decision to reinstate Williams, but he says he stands by it and believes it was the right decision.
“The idea that for 7 1/2 months pookah was going through a process and he didn't have the opportunity to spend time with his team, go to the weight room, just be a part,” Miles explained. “Pooka went through legal investigation with the legal community. Pooka also had proceedings that went through the conduct board with the university and he basically understood very much that if he did not meet the criteria that the board asked that this would not last long and he really met every criteria that he could.”

Miles added that he thinks Pooka has learned from his mistakes.
“He's taken responsibility, he's been remorseful, (long pause) he's learned from this experience as have our team, we're thankful to have him back and again no violence against the women is okay.”