Midtgaard needs to treat the basketball like a steak

Asbjørn Midtgaard has quickly become a fan-favorite with Shocker fans. It makes sense, the freshman is a physical beast. He's 7 feet tall and weighs north of 270 lbs.

However, he's playing just 5.4 minutes a game in seven appearances this season. He is behind three good big-men in Shaq Morris, Darral Willis and Rauno Nurger.

If the Denmark native wants to see more minutes he needs to play to his size.

"Most young big guys have the same problems," says Gregg Marshall. "He moves very well for a guy his size. His hands are pretty good, but I need him to be more aggressive and assertive and dominant, if you will, about securing the basketball off the glass. Catching it and rebounding it on both ends. That's what he should be able to do with [his size and strength]. It's got to be...almost like...you haven't eaten in a couple of days and there is a nice T-bone steak. You've got to go get it with two hands and make sure no one else takes it from you. He's got to have that approach. He's such a nice, nice kid. It's okay to be nice. I like my kids to be nice....my own children. When your in a competitive environment like that, and you've got guys trying to take your steak, you have to be the one to put the fork in it and say ' No, no this is mine and you aren't taking it. This is all me."

The Shockers will play at East Carolina Thursday night then fly directly to Tulsa for their game against the Golden Hurricane Saturday evening.