NCAA investigating Kansas football and men's basketball programs

(CBS Sports) The NCAA recently sent investigators to look into Kansas' football and men's basketball programs as a part of a new investigation into possible wrongdoing by a former assistant coach.

According to a source working with David Beaty's attorney, the former Jayhawk head coach was interviewed by the NCAA on February 27.

Kansas already faces NCAA scrutiny due to an FBI investigation into college basketball. CBS Sports reported last month that Kansas officials were concerned an NCAA infractions case was being developed as a result of the Silvio De Sousa reinstatement case.

An NCAA enforcement official is known to have been on campus conducting an inquiry into basketball. Coach Bill Self was not interviewed for the De Sousa reinstatement, but experts tell CBS Sports that isn't out of the ordinary if the NCAA is also conducting a formal infractions inquiry.

Right now it is unknown if the NCAA sent a Notice of Allegations for either sport. That notice details specific wrongdoing the NCAA alleges. The notice is not released publicly, but many universities often opt to release the document which can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Request.

Both investigations into the Kansas athletic programs are believed to be in the early stages.

Beaty filed a federal lawsuit against the school this week alleging Kansas withheld $3 million owed to him following his November firing.