Navarro Golf Outing important to Marshall family

Golf is a sport not everyone can afford to play, but everyone should have the access to try. No one knows this fact more than the Navarro family.

"Dad grew up a very poor individual. They had 10 brothers and sisters. They grew up on a box car and they hitchhiked that box car to the Crestview Country Club. That's where they learned the game of golf," Gary Navarro recalled. "The fact that people extended the opportunity for dad to learn the game of golf, he wanted to give back to young kids as well."

Gary, his brother Rick, and their sister Debbie Wright started the Auggie Navarro Golf Scholarship. It consists of 30 separate $10,000 scholarships donated annually to young golfers in the Wichita Junior Golf League.

The Navarro live by the mantra that 'golf gave everything'. It's a sentiment that resonates with a lot of people in the community, even one of Wichita's most famous sports families.

Gregg Marshall looks on as his ball sits close to the green on the 10th hole. He has the pleasure to spend his Thursday afternoon with his wife Lynn and son Kellen, but also realizes his fortune. Giving children the same opportunity means a lot to his family.

"Just having the opportunity to see a golf course and spend time on a golf course and hopefully learn some life lessons from golf," he said.

It also doesn't hurt that the Navarros bleed black and yellow.

"Just the fact that they're Shockers and a lot of former Shockers are up there getting ready to tee off. It's a wonderful day and a wonderful cause. Anytime we can get involved and enjoy this type of day with them, we'll do it."