Pair of Wichita athletes reflect on first year in NFL

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) With the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, the 2018 NFL season has come to a close but for a pair of Wichita athletes, this is just the beginning.

Kyle Wilson and Davontae Harris describe their rookie year in the NFL as a roller coaster. The pair were teammates at Wichita South High School but had two very different paths to the pros.

Harris was drafted in the fifth round by the Cincinnati Bengals. He sat out most of the season with a knee injury.

Wilson was picked up and cut by the Philadelphia Eagles twice before landing with the Los Angeles Chargers.

"You get cut and it's like dang, what's next? Will I get another chance after this?" Wilson said.

With injuries and the uncertainty of a job like pro football, the two say being on the field means much more now.

"It was huge, but at the end of the day it is a business, Harris said. "You have to produce to stay in it no matter if your name is called or not."

Wilson and Harris eventually met in the NFL when the Bengals played the chargers. Wilson was on the practice team at the time and Harris was coming back from injury.

"Seeing him out there knowing it is his first game back, it was great to see," Wilson said. "It was a realization that we can do this."

The two say their first year in the NFL was a learning experience, but some of the most important lessons, they learned from watching each other.

"The process of him being cut and cut and brought back up is growth in itself because it teaches you a patience," said Harris.

"He got to participate in the combine and things like that it was just great to see and it made me more hungry in my journey, at the same time still being proud of him," Wilson said.

They both say the message to younger athletes is simple -- success is a choice for everyone, even a kid from Wichita.