REPORT: Rosen to sit out Cactus Bowl

Bruin Report is saying UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen will sit out the Cactus Bowl against Kansas State.

Rosen threw for a school record 3,756 yards this season - despite missing a total of two games.

The school maintains Rosen will play if he is healthy. He's been practicing but recovering from a concussion as well.

Of course, the Wildcats are preparing as if Rosen will be the starter.

"The throws he makes on film is just kind of ridiculous, said KSU defensive back Duke Shelley. "But definitely he's a great quarterback. Seems like he gets everybody around him going. So if you stop the leader on the team then I feel like we'll be able to be in some good shape. So that's the goal, just get him on the racks."

The speculation of Rosen's status can create a distraction for UCLA.

"I was just saying there's a lot of external pressure coming, looking down at this team," admitted UCLA offensive lineman Scott Quesenberry. "Everyone wants to know Josh's decision and where Coach Fisch is going to end up, but internally we're sticking together, we're tight, and we're out here to win a championship and that's really it."

Rosen is widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in the nation and will likely be a top three pick in the NFL draft - if he enters.

Kickoff is set for Dec. 26 at 8:00 on ESPN.