Report: Referee Jeff Triplette retiring after performance in NFL playoffs

Referee Jeff Triplette is reportedly retiring from NFL officiating after a questionable performance in the playoffs game on Saturday between the Titans and Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala announced on Sunday morning that Triplette is expected to retire after the 2017 season.

CBS Sports reports, there's a pretty good argument that Triplette's crew impacted the outcome of the most anticipated playoffs game.

When Derrick Johnson took down Marcus Mariota there was a clear recovery by the Chiefs. Triplette ruled Mariota's forward progress had been stopped.

In another play, Mariota was sacked again during a Titans' two-point conversion attempt. If it was a fumble and not a sack, KC would’ve regained the lead with 2 points of their own.

Triplette's response to the recent criticism: