Shocker Women using new slogan to turn season around

It's evident from watching their practices that this Shocker Women's Basketball team will do anything for their first-year head coach, including buying into a new slogan halfway through the season.

After the January 6th loss to UCF, their third straight to start conference play, Head Coach Keitha Adams came into the locker room and told her team they needed to "go get it."

Little did they know, it was her new slogan for the 2018 season, and the beginning of a three-game win-streak.

"I've probably said that 200 times since our first practice back from trip to Florida," she said. "Go get it. We've got to go get the rebound, go get the loose ball, we've got to go get the win."

She's even using it to help motivate her team in everyday life.

"I've got to 'go get' my laundry. We've got to 'go get it!" Adams exclaimed. "I'm hoping that my players are thinking about it when they're doing their homework assignments. Everything they're doing, we have to 'go get it', 'go get it'"!

Senior forward Rangie Bessard is surely "getting it" this season. She was the AAC Player of the Week this past week, and has already notched six double-doubles this season. Bessard said they'll do anything for their coach.

"As you can see, our coach is fired up. She has no problem putting us on the line if she doesn't think we're going to 'get it',"she said. "So she has to feel like we want it each and every day and each and every game. So that's what we're going out there to do for our coach, to make sure she feels it, and to make sure she knows we want it just as bad as she do."

Wichita State hosts second-place South Florida Sunday at 3:00. The Bulls are ranked 23rd in the coaches' poll.