Shocker legends visit Wichita on draft night

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WICHITA, Kan. - From 6-8 pm Thursday night, fans flocked to Walt's Bar & Grill to meet up with Wichita State basketball legends.

Walt's served as the meeting ground for Shocker legends Xavier McDaniel, Aubrey Sherrod and Lynbert "Cheese" Johnson as they linked up to take pictures and sign autographs for fans.

It's a positive night for Shocker basketball, as Wichita State is once again in the spotlight tonight as two additional Shocker stars - Ron Baker and Fred Van Vleet - are in the mind of WSU fans across the state. Both are waiting to see if their name will be called in the 2nd round of tonight's NBA draft.

McDaniel, the 4th overall selection in 1985, had high praise for the waiting Shockers.

"If they don't get drafted, there's something wrong with a lot of NBA teams. Both of those guys can play, and they have a bright future."

For some fans, the meet-and-greet proved to be worth the trip. Local Shocker follower Larry Womack recently purchased a basketball from Zach Potter's golf tournament. He's collected Baker's and Van Vleet's autograph, and now can add the trio of Shockers. He plans to give the ball back to Potter for re-sale.