Shockers earning seeding respect thanks to the AAC

The NCAA Tournament committee was rarely kind to Wichita State when they were in The Valley. In their last five years The Shockers were a 9 seed, 1 seed, 7 seed, 11 seed and 10 seed. To earn that 1 seed - all they had to do was win every single game on their schedule.

Well, now that they're part of The American - seeding is no longer an issue.

"It's definitely helped to be in this league because of all the quality opportunities you have for wins and losses," said Gregg Marshall. "We've had a good year. We've had a really good year and we've played great teams on both ends..non-conference and conference. We're 23-5. We've got two more tough games coming up. We have a lot of wins against a lot of good teams and that's why we're in the position we're in, regardless of what league we're in.. but it certainly has helped."

As of Tuesday, The Shockers are widely considered to be a three or four seed come March.