Shockers practicing on the court and in the field

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NEW YORK (KWCH) Now their second day in the big city, the Wichita State Shockers are warming up to the bright lights.

The team spent its morning in the Brooklyn Nets' practice facility for their final practice ahead of the matchup versus Lipscomb.

Eyewitness Sports caught up with the team after practice. Freshman Dexter Dennis took the opportunity to practice for his potential future career.

Dennis grabbed the Channel 12 microphone and went around the Wichita State table interviewing each of the other players. He started with senior Markis McDuffie.

"Markis McDuffie, what do you think about this new freshman Dexter Dennis?"

"He can't shoot," the senior teases. "He can't play defense. I hate this guy man."

Dennis asked Samaje Haynes-Jones about a specific fadeaway shot against UConn, then proceeded to Jaime Echenique to ask about the training regimen.

"We've been lifting a lot," responds Echinique.

""It's the weight room that's helping out?"

"Weight room. Definitely."

When asked about his interest in journalism, Dennis says the Wichita State Athletics Academic advisor is helping him make the decision.

"I have to thank Gretchen Torline; she was pressuring me into choosing a major," he explains. "I just gave it a try and it actually felt pretty good being out there in the field for once."

Wichita State and Lipscomb tips Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. CT.