Teddy Allen eases into mentor role

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- He's the most talked about man at Wichita State and he's not even on the court. Teddy Allen has become a household name since arriving from Morgantown this off-season.

While he's clearly making an impact on the Shocker community, he's also making an impact on the rest of his teammates.

"Teddy's the vocal guy. He can't go out there and lead in a game. He is very vocal and a leader in terms of how hard he plays and how he wants to win in practice," Gregg Marshall said. "He puts it in their terms, in a very eloquent way. It's not threatening the way he does it. It could be received by these other guys as 'hey, you're not even playing, why are you talking to me and telling me what I should do in front of the coaches?' It's from the heart, and they all really like him and respect him. "

Allen is still unable to play in any games until the NCAA makes a decision in his hardship waiver request. Marshall said the deadline is nearing, but until then, he's become a star on the scout team, a place you're not supposed to stand out.

"I got mad at him -- I wasn't mad at him. I was mad at our team for not being able to stop him. The reason I was talking to him was, 'hey, run their offense. Don't just go off and do your thing, even though we weren't able to stop you."

The idea of the scout team is to learn the opposing team's plays and offensive and defensive schemes, and mimick what they'll use in a game. It helps the rest of the team learn understand what to expect from a tactile learning experience.

Allen's knowledge, however, transcends the scout team. Marshall said he heard through the grapevine that Allen is also helping his veteran players find their stride.

"Markis [McDuffie], after struggling in the first game, reached out to teddy. And he said, 'hey man, what do you think?' And Teddy said exactly what we've been saying, 'you've got to let it come to you, you're forcing it a little bit. You're too eager.' I don't know if it was Teddy, or what, but he was a lot better in the second game."

The NCAA is approving waivers at a much higher rate than in years past. Earlier today, CBS Sports insider Jon Rothstein reported James Banks from Georgia Tech will be eligible to play