The Dodge City Law leave CIF League

Published: Jul. 10, 2017 at 6:49 PM CDT
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The Dodge City Law have decided to leave the Champions Indoor Football League according to their Facebook page.

"The ownership of the Dodge City Law professional indoor football team have spent the last month weighing options and outcomes and, with a high level of confidence, have decided to withdraw from the Champions Indoor Football League effective immediately. The decision comes at the end of a franchise-best season that ended in controversy. Options are still being explored for the team’s future.

Please direct any questions and/or inquiries to"


There are growing concerns today over the future of the indoor football franchise the Dodge City Law, amid numerous online fan complaints about refunds of purchased tickets not being handled efficiently.

Fans left comments and messages on a public Facebook group called CIF Insiders.

One fan, Derek Robbins, writes in the group: "Has anyone received their money from the playoff game that did not happen?"

Another season ticket holder told Eyewitness Sports he bought next year's season tickets early through the team. When he requested a refund, it was not returned.

Sean Ponder, owner of the Dodge City Law, a Championship Indoor Football league team says he's working to refund fans' money for future season tickets and any missed games, including one playoff game forfeited in June. The team was penalized for not following league rules, including refusing to upload team video for their competition to use as game film.

League Commissioner Ricky Bertz said he's concerned for fans.

"I see a lot of negative feedback on social media boards about fans voicing their displeasure and their dissatisfaction about what's going on and hopefully it's something that is addressed very quickly and doesn't affect the team's success moving forward," he said.

Ponder denies an earlier Eyewitness Sports report that he had left has closed up the league office and left Dodge City. He says he's on a family vacation after the season's end and plans to be back at the arena by mid-week.

Ponder says it's business as usual for the franchise in the off season and fans concerned about refunds can leave a message and their calls will be returned.

Bertz was also a former owner in Dodge City and he said this is a personal matter to him. He says having a viable franchise in Dodge City is very important and the league is working to keep a team in Dodge City.

"I think it's a bit of a concern any time it happens in any market, let alone a tight-knit market like Dodge City," he said. "Joi and Sean have been around here for a while and hopefully they have a plan for how they are going to address this with their fans to make this a positive experience for everybody going forward."

The league is looking into whether or not money is owed to the league and fans.

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