The Marshall family is loud and proud

Thousands of people claim to be their team's 'biggest fan.' When it comes to Wichita State, everyone knows who the number one fans are - Lynn and Maggie Marshall, Gregg Marshall's wife and daughter.

No matter the game, you can see them a few rows behind the Shocker bench cheering for their family's team.

"When you get in the arena all you think about is winning," says Lynn Marshall.

Lynn has been surrounded by the game of basketball her entire life. She played college basketball at Maryland and Western Washington University.

Maggie was born into the sport, but her parents' love for the game and the desire to win has rubbed off on her.

"I kind of have to be the level one in the family," said a laughing Maggie. "I try not to freak out during the games because I know she is doing it for me and my dad too before the game. I just think it's a lot different when you have family involved It's not just a basketball game anymore it's your family out there."

While the Marshalls may be the biggest fans, some Florida Shocker fans say they're just glad to have the team in Orlando for the AAC conference. Plus, more people will recognize their Shocker swag.

"I had always thought for years they had outgrown the Valley. And it seems like Marshall always wants the competition. He wants to move it to the next level," said Wichita State alumni Ron Alderman who lives in Orlando. "I think it was a great move for them. It added competition."

The Shockers, who landed in Orlando on Wednesday, say they agree.

"We have the best road team. We have the biggest class of seniors by far. So no matter if we're at home or we're on the road, the focus now is different," said senior forward Rashard Kelly.

The Shockers and the Marshall's will play the winner of Temple/Tulane Friday night at 6:00 on ESPNU.