"The Wichita Kid" giving back to his hometown

WICHITA, Kan. Davontae Harris, better known as the "Wichita Kid", delivered several car loads of school supplies to the Wichita Children's Home Friday.

"I'm just trying to get everyone out here and be aware of what the kids need," Harris explained.

Harris, recently drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals, is about to start NFL Training Camp, but took the time to launch a social media campaign this week, trying to gather support for the kids at Wichita Children's Home.

"There was a time in my life where I was that kid, and I needed something," Harris recalled. "I needed guidance, a backpack, or school supplies. Nobody was able to give it to me, but now I have a platform, and I'm able to get it to those kids."

He and his longtime friend Daniel Aleman came up with the idea and delivered the supplies Friday. Afterward, Harris met with kids at the home.

"It's really hard to have no confidence going into the school year," Aleman said. "When you have a little bit of confidence, or that drive to want to be better, and prove to everyone that you want more... this helps a little bit. That gives them that extra edge, or push, to feel like they can take on the world."