Marshall’s tirade spills off-the-court; Wichita State issues an apology to McGill

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 at 1:43 PM CDT
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According to McGill University Executive Director of Athletics and Recreation Marc Gelinas, Wichita State Interim Athletic Director Darron Boatright issued a verbal apology to the University of McGill.

“We don’t appreciate what happened,” Gelinas said. “But we do accept (Darron) Boatright’s apology. This was supposed to be an exhibition. These games are used as a training experience for referees.”

About those referees. They were the target of Marshall’s frustration during a 77-71 come-from-behind win over McGill. During the game, Marshall received two technical fouls and was ejected after a midcourt tirade that required Gregg Marshall’s assistants to restrain him from the referees.

Wichita State declined a request to speak with head coach Gregg Marshall. The University’s Interim Athletic Director Darron Boatright issued the following statement:

“I visited with Coach Marshall this morning to inform him that he is suspended for this afternoon’s final exhibition game in Canada. While I understand the competitive spirit that accompanies coaching, there remains a standard of professional behavior that is inherent in a position of leadership that we all must meet. That standard was not met last night.”

“This trip was designed as an educational experience and an opportunity to improve as a team,” Boatright said. "Our hope is that, in retrospect, this occurrence will allow us to all learn and improve.”

Gregg Marshall was suspended for the final game of the Canadian trip.

"I fully accept the decision of the athletic department and the University. As a program we expect to represent Wichita State University in a manner in which we can all be proud of, on and off the court. Last night, in my attempt to stand up for, and protect, my team I fell short of those expectations. I will gladly sit out tonight's game in hopes that a lesson can be learned that it's not just about doing the right thing, but doing it the right way.”

Gelinas described Marshall’s actions as intimidating and hostile and claimed that his rage continued after he left the game. According to Gelinas, Marshall wanted to stay close to the court so he could watch the game. He became hostile when he was forced to leave the court.

“There was another blowout, similar to what happened on the court,” Gelinas said. “He became quite aggressive. Foul language, nose-to-nose with one of my staff. My staff was not pushed or hit or anything like that. I’m not saying that. The attitude was quite aggressive, quite intimidating, using foul-language. Aimed at a staff who did not take part in the decisions on the court, in terms of the referee decisions.”

Marshall eventually left the court, where he was able to watch the livestream of the game with a member of the McGill athletics staff.

Marshall’s outrage has spawned McGill University to reevaluate safety procedures and security measures during basketball games.

Despite the fracas at mid-court, Gelinas said that McGill would welcome an opportunity to play Wichita State in the future.

“I don’t see why not. It was an excellent experience for the teams and athletes. I thought the McGill and Wichita State athletes behaved well.”