Wichita area gymnasts inspired by Simone Biles' historic performance

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ANDOVER, Kan. (KWCH) A historic performance Sunday night in Kansas City made Simone Biles the first female gymnast to ever pull-off a triple-double.

Gymnasts from the Wichita-area were able to make the trip to watch the competition, including young athletes from JAG Gymnastics in Andover.

"It's amazing because like no girl has ever done a triple twisting double back tuck before," said Hannah Lemon.

Keira Wells, Hannah Lemon and Emma Lay were there as Biles pulled off the historic move.

"People probably think it's like just a double how fast she twists. Like people don't understand how hard it really is to do this stuff because she makes it look easy."

Some members of the club were lucky enough to meet Biles. Their coach, Luisa Real says it's an experience that doesn't come to this area often.

"Usually things happen in the Northeast or maybe Texas, areas like that. But in Kansas City, right here it was just a tremendous experience for all the girls and all the boys to be able to go there and watch such incredible athletes," said Real.

Watching one of the best athletes push themselves to new limits inspires this group of young athletes to be the best they can be.

"I don't think we're going to have another Simone Biles in a very, very long time. She's definitely special," said Real.

Real says they typically see an increased interest in gymnastics around the Olympics. She says it's possible Sunday's performance so close to Kansas could have a similar effect.

JAG Gymnastics is hosting an open house set for Aug. 24. Real says people interested in learning more about the club can come participate in obstacle courses and bootcamp for adults. She says people can also tour the gym and meet with coaches to learn more about their programs.