Wildcat blame is plentiful in last-second loss to Kansas

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KWCH) -- The blame was plentiful for Bruce Weber and the Wildcats after their 73-72 loss to rival Kansas Saturday afternoon.

Weber wasn't shy about who the guilty party or parties were, either.

Seconds after sitting down for his press conference, a reporter asks what Barry Brown was supposed to do in the final possession. Weber's response was simple:

"Throw it to Dean. Throw it to Dean."

Brown said he panicked when he saw the seconds ticking down and forgot what the play was supposed to be.

"I got that second screen and I looked up at the shot clock, I mean the clock, and I see the time dwindling down and I tried to make a play," he said.

Dean Wade deflected the notion he should have had the ball in the final seconds.

"I ride with Barry," he said. "If it didn't look like I was open, I trust him. Whatever he decides, I'm going with."

But the other subject of Weber's ire was the officiating crew, and what he thought was in favor of the home team. Cartier Diarra received a technical foul in the second half for "mouthing off" to the referee. However, according to Weber and Diarra, that didn't happen.

"He said 'Way to go Mak, get that out of here' as he blocked a shot."

Weber noted there were other missed calls but would not name any specifically.

"I'm sure there were but I want to keep my job, I don't want to get fined. I've worked too hard."

The Wildcats fall to 12-5, and more importantly, 2-3 in the Big 12. Weber said this is a resilient group that already rallied behind the loss of point guard Kamau Stokes, and can rally behind the loss of an emotional rivalry game.

Their next task is hosting a tough Oklahoma team Tuesday with record-setting freshman point guard Trae Young.