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Don't Fall For It

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office warns offenders of scam call from Dep. Bradley Cooper

Jewell County Sheriff's Office warns of 'Lightning Protection Specialists' scam

Harvey County Sheriff's Office warns of deputy impersonator scam

Don't Fall For It: Scammers claiming to represent Wichita Police Dept. demand money

Don't Fall For It: 'Blessing Loom' pyramid scheme targets people on social media

Better Business Bureau: Desperate job seekers are easy pickings for scammers

Identity Theft Resource Center: Look out for scammers trying to steal stimulus money

State, Sedgwick County warn of fake text messages claiming COVID-19 exposure

Don't Fall For It: The Department of Homeland Security is not enforcing a national quarantine

Kansas attorney general warns public to watch out for stimulus package scams

Better Business Bureau: Scammers trying to cash in on coronavirus fears

Beware of this tax scam

FactFinder Minute: Scammers calling to demand money for unpaid taxes

Former Wichita woman loses about half of tax return to identity theft

Kansas woman warns of potential scam buying concert tickets

Scammers claim to represent Amazon on calls to confirm orders

FactFinder Minute: Scammers pretend to represent Verizon, Amazon

Don't Fall for It: FedEx text message scam

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