Don't Fall For It

Lawmakers warn doctored videos pose national security threat

Ford County Sheriffs Office warns of social security scam

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office warns of another phone scam involving unpaid fines and warrants

FactFinder Minute: Be aware of DNA-test scams, fake contractors

Finney County Health Department warns public about STD scam

Scam attempts to lure you into buying car you will never get

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office warns of 'missed jury duty scam'

FactFinder Minute: Beware of 'Apple ID email scam,' 'Verizon Wireless scam'

NC mom issues warning after scammers call teen daughter, ask for SS number

FactFinder Minute: Beware of IRS tax scam, 'African Bank' scam

FactFinder Minute: Look out for scams involving sales pitch, promise of big pay day

FTC sending refund checks to victims of 'business opportunity' telemarketing scam

Great Bend police warn of scammers posing as officers

FF12 warns you about a Medicare back brace scam

BBB warns those looking for love to watch out for scammers

FactFinder MInute: Look out for 'school spirit' scam, scam targeting Cox internet customers

Sedgwick County DA warns of phishing scam targeting Cox customers

FactFinder Minute: Beware of Fake ad scams, Free trial scams

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