FactFinder 12

Eastborough continues investigation into audio recording involving officers

State answers lawsuit claiming DCF harms children in foster care

FF12 clarifies concerns over American Legion flag poles in cemetery

FF12: Identity thieves order $12,000 chair in Kansas woman’s name

Local woman inundated with calls after VA Medical Center prints wrong number

'Get it in writing:' FF12 helps woman who learned lesson ordering furniture

FF12: Avoiding easy recycling mistakes

FF12: Sedgwick Co. DA says drugs, mental illness causing Kansas criminal justice issues

Norton police warn of computer scam

Court decision upheld against man accused of defrauding families in mourning

2-year-old boy's death spotlights call on KS lawmakers to fix issues with DCF

FF12 goes to Tulsa to see how baseball and parking works there

FF12 Cold Case: Bridal shop murder sparks questions 27 years later

FF12 Cold Case: 1980s murder gets another look in Dodge City

Hunt’s Tomato Paste recalled over potential presence of mold

Harvey County man arrested for exposing others to life-threatening disease

'Forensic pathology expert' barred from conducting autopsies in KS, lawsuit pending

Infant fur jackets recalled due to choking hazard

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