Cold weather myths & misconceptions

Mittens or gloves? Which are better? It's a question that comes up when the mercury drops. There are plenty of cold-weather misconceptions out there.

We asked a Wichita nurse which ones are true and which ones aren't.

You may think that working and sweating when it's cold outside isn't good for you. That's not entirely true. The nurse we spoke with says it's perfectly fine as long as you're in good health and have some good, warm gear on.

"One would be going outside with wet hair will cause a cold," said Meghan Landwehr, Wesley Trauma Nurse. "It's not true. Even going out without a jacket will not cause a cold."

Do you need sunscreen in the winter? Yes. UV rays can be just as strong in the winter, especially when they reflect off of snow.

Yes, your head does give off the most heat. Especially for children. It's important to cover your head when the temperature drops.

Oh, and drinking alcohol will not warm you up. It may feel like it, but it can actually make it easier for you to get hypothermia.

Hand sanitizer is good for a quick cleanup. But, it won't prevent everything. The nurse we spoke with recommends washing your hands thoroughly to help prevent the spread of disease, including the flu.

As for the debate over mittens versus gloves, Landwehr says mittens are the way to go.