Time to give your car a bath

If you're in Kansas and you've done any driving over the past few days, your car likely needs a bath.

We spoke with a mechanic who says the stuff crews use to treat the roads can eat away at your vehicle's paint and undercarriage.

He says it's important to wash away all that salt and brine as soon as possible after the storm.

"All maintenance is money out of your pocket but its kind of like going to the dentist," said Jerry Thomas with Trinity Auto, "a cavity now, root canal later - so its less money if you do it earlier."

He says to make sure you clean out your undercarriage and in and around your wheel wells. Those are places where corrosion starts.

You can prevent some of the issues that come from the brine by waxing your car ahead of the storm. You can also get undercoating to help protect your car's undercarriage.