Where's Shane? Learning to eat better in 2017

Today, Shane is looking at ways to eat better in 2017.

He's at Healthy Green Nutrition talking with owner Diane Greenleaf-Kisner about some quick and easy alternative ideas to unhealthy food choices!

From on the go bags to morning smoothies, you'll certainly have some great, healthier food options in 2017!

Here are some suggestions:
Bean Soup (260 calories)
Two Cans Black Beans
Beef Bouillon
Can of tomato sauce
Onion powder
Garlic powder
2 cups of Water

Mix all ingredients together. Heat for 20 minutes. Add spices to taste. **

Protein Shake (230 Calories)
Cup of almond milk
Cup of mixed fruit
20gProtein powder

Mix ingredients and blend

Healthy Snack (160 calories)
Apple and tablespoon peanut butter

Healthy Snack 2 (150 Calories)
Cheese Stick and Grapes

Chicken Wrap- 300 Calories
Grilled chicken strips
Table spoon low fat dressing
Shredded cheese
Assorted veggies

Combine ingredients in wrap. Add 1 scoop of low fat dressing. Sprinkle cheese.